Our Parish and Neighbouring Churches

We are a friendly parish situated on the East side of Coventry in Wyken, with neighbouring churches in Stoke and Stoke Aldermoor. The parish team of Wyken was formed in 2019.

As part of the Diocese we believe our primary purpose is to worship God, make new disciples and to transform communities.

St. Mary Magdalene with Risen Christ

Wyken Croft, Wyken, Coventry, CV2 3AD


St. Michael's Church

The Main Sunday service has a strong choral tradition led by choir and organ. All services are followed by refreshments and fellowship. St. Michael's is ministered by Rev Claire McArthur

Holy Cross Church

Worship at Holy Cross is `moderate catholic` with incense used at major festivals, the 9.20 service is mainly Eucharistic and there are also weekly Monday meditations. Holy Cross is ministered by Revd.Liz Harris.

Clergy Contacts

Curate in charge: Revd. Dr Noel Phillips

Tel: 07498 202262

Email: n.w.phillips@live.com

Day off: Friday

Vicar: Revd. Liz Harris

Tel: 07813 108440

Email: curate@holy-cross.org.uk

Day off: Friday

St. Mary Magdalene with Risen Christ

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